Art and Culture

Art and objects of cultural value are greatly treasured in Dresden. Therefore, it is no surprise that the 50-odd museums, as well as the countless big and small galleries alone are worth the trip to Dresden. The halls of the Staatliche Kunstsammlung Dresden (engl. State Art Collection) are home to valuable treasures, which range from the Sixstine Madonna to precious artifacts from the Ottoman Empire, historical mathematical and physics exhibits, as well as contemporary paintings and sculptures.

Art lovers can get their fill in many of the city’s other galleries as well, which are located all over town and sell both modern and Dresden-related works of art.

The stages in Dresden are full of imaginative creatures. In the center of the historic district, Dresden's theater, the Staatsschauspiel, welcomes you to enjoy a great selection of productions at its “big theatre”. The “small theater,” which is located in Dresden-Neustadt, is also home to the Bürgerbühne (engl. “citizens’ stage”). This is where local actors get together to hone their acting skills and perform their plays. In addition to the flagship of Dresden's theater stages, there are numerous other theaters that raise their curtains for dramatic plays and comedies: Theaterkahn, Wechselbad der Gefühle,, Dresdener Sommertheater, Projekttheater, Thetarruine St. Pauli, Societaetstheater, Hoftheater, Theater der Jungen Generation. The list is long. Music and acting come together under one roof at the Staatsoperette and the Semperoper. Cabaret, comedy and travesty complete Dresden’s selection of theatrical entertainment, with performances held at the Dresdner Philharmonie, Kreuzchor, Staatskapelle and on numerous other stages throughout the city. The Musikfestspiele (engl. music festivals) serve as an annual presentation of Dresden’s internationally-renowned sound.

Foto: Matthias Krüger/PR Kreuzchor, Marco Borggreve, Christoph Münch