Staying the night in Dresden

More and more visitors come to experience Dresden’s charm. Not only guests from all over Germany flock to the Saxon capital, but since Dresden is a cosmopolitan city after all, it also extends a heartfelt welcome to international visitors.

There is so much to see in Dresden – so much that one could stay up all night wandering through the city. Nevertheless, the time when your eyes need a rest will come. Dresden and its surrounding areas have a large selection of accommodation options: everything from standard to first-class hotels are offered, as well as bed & breakfasts, holiday rentals and youth hostels. In addition to the different styles of lodgings, guests also have a choice of location, ranging from very central to more remote. The city’s outstanding public transportation system allows you to get to the heart of Dresden and its landmarks relatively quickly. The so-called “Gute-Nacht-Linie,” the city’s late night tram service, ensures that you reach your hotel even after curfew!

Aparthotel „Münzgasse” in Dresden

Aparthotel „Münzgasse”

from 49,- € // 1-room apartment
from 55,- € // 2-room apartment

Aparthotel „Neumarkt” in Dresden

Aparthotel „Neumarkt”

from 65,- € // 1-room apartment
from 75,- € // 2-room apartment

Aparthotel „Altes Dresden” in Dresden

Aparthotel „Altes Dresden”

from 75,- € // 1-room apartment
from 85,- € // 2-room apartment