Sightseeing in Dresden

Dresden is an attraction in itself, and a walk through the streets and alleys of the city is a great way to take it all in. In the historical quarter, one can almost feel the city’s past. Visitors are confronted by impressive buildings with facades from the Renaissance and Baroque eras. The main attraction in the centre is the Church of Our Lady, which –with its Baroque dome – is the city's best-known landmark. It is surrounded by the Neumarkt (engl. New Market), whose house-fronts have been restored in historical detail and let visitors experience a piece of Dresden's past. The Dresdner Zwinger and the Semperoper, located in close proximity to the Fürstenzug (engl. Procession of Princes) and the Dresdener Residenzschloss (engl. Dresden Castle), are ranked among the most important sights of the historic city. The world’s oldest and largest paddle steamer fleet will take those who would like to marvel at this Florence of the Elbe from the water, on a river cruise.

A visit to the Dresden-Neustadt district is a must if you are looking for some excitement. Der Goldene Reiter (engl. the Golden Horseman.), also an important sight, marks the gateway to this trendy neighborhood and can been seen from afar due to its bright sheen. Before diving into Dresden’s nightlife, a stroll down the Hauptstrasse, which is part of the Baroque quarter, will take you past numerous designer shops, galleries and exclusive restaurants. In the Äußere Neustadt, you will find a great variety of bars, restaurants and cafes side-by-side, amidst which you will come across boutiques selling handmade, trendy fashions as well as colorful interior décor and fancy accessories.

For music lovers, a selection of record shops in the Neustadt may have that rare piece of vinyl you’ve been looking for. One notable attraction in this quarter is the “Kunsthofpassage” (engl. artsy courtyard). Numerous little courtyards are concealed behind several houses, each one decorated in a different style. During the summer, these are an idyllic place to hang out. Enjoy a coffee or window shop while listening to piano music from someone’s apartment.

Spring and summer are also the best seasons to stroll through Dresden's largest park: the “Großer Garten” (engl. Great Garden). The sunshine also bathes the Blaues Wunder (engl. Blue Wonder), the bridge that joins the districts of Blasewitz and Loschwitz, in a fine light. Not only a midsummer’s dream, Schloss Pilnitz (engl. Pillnitz Castle) is also a winter wonderland in the colder months with its picturesque park. Pillnitz is also one of the paddle steamer stops along their cruise down the Elbe River.